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Welcome to Manifold at Open Press Tilburg University
European Values Series is a leading platform for the comparative study of values, norms, beliefs, attitudes, and opinions. It primarily publishes values research that seeks to uncover patterns and trends in important life domains, such as politics, religion and morale, family and gender, migration, work, welfare etc., and that adopts a comparative perspective on values such as cross-national comparisons, a longitudinal perspective, comparisons across social groups.

The Series is grounded in work from the social sciences, although contributions from other disciplines such as philosophy and history are welcome as well. In this way, the Series hopes to contribute to the academic and public debate on European values. To facilitate this, the European Values Series is published open access by Open Press Tilburg University.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26116/kqmq-j468

The collection referred to here is a compilation of all the textbooks on the topic of labor law that have been authored by Professor Dr. Antoine Jacobs of Tilburg University. This collection comprises a set of Open Access resources that are freely available to anyone who wishes to access them, without any charge or subscription fee.